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Retrospective about Eurobulker IV's shipwreck
(russian carbon tanker)

On 2000, September 8th, offshore Altano's Cape (near Portoscuso town) the Russian carbon tanker "Eurobulker IV" ran aground on a bank named "Secca Grande" (= Grand Bank): the bank is regularly marked with buoys, but one of those was not apparently working that night.

The captain admits that he was entering Portovesme's port without navigation charts, because of their withoutness.

Fortunately, there were no victims (unlike for "Fusina"'s shipwreck - another past disaster that report the problem of lot of barges that cross from north to south and vice versa San Pietro's Channel, sometimes causing untidy ruins of the landscape and the sea - always unnoticed by media, but visible on San Pietro's coasts).

When sanks, Eurobulker IV was carrying 17000 tons of carbon for Portovesme power station.

Immediately 50 tons of fuel (diesel oil, used for ship propulsion) were flown in the sea, and quickly attacked San Pietro's Channel coasts, after carbon made an attempt on deep sea's life.

Rescue operation runs very slowly in order to get oil and carbon under control; often, the operations are broken by sea-storms and bad weather, in addition to classical red tape!

On 2000, october 2nd, because of very bad weather the works around the ship are broken off.

On 2000, october 3rd, in the night,
Eurobulker IV tanker sinks,
dragging along 14.000 of 17.000 carbon tons.

Today (the sinking day) 25 days are past from stranding,
and during those days only 3.000 tons have been recovered!

After this hundredth disaster, which attempted on deep sea's life ecosystem of San Pietro's Channel, Giancarlo Canavera has constituted a committee giving life to the

"Petition for San Pietro's Island Conservation"

by Exil

To send an e-mail to the committee, a click here


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