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We are all citizens and lovers of San Pietro Island's natural beauty, travellers and residents of the Island, and would like to act as testimonials of a widespread interest guaranteed by constitutional laws: environmental and landscape's conservation.
We all think that the ecological disaster of "Eurobulker IV" tanker which took place near the sea of San Pietro's Channel Northern entry is to be considered a strong warning not to alter and preserve the extraordinary heritage of the Sulcis archipelago for the benefit of future generations.
We believe that this harmful event is to be considered an episode of public property mismanagement (except for precise, proven civil or criminal liability), which could serve as a lesson to amend existing laws and procedures in order to avoid future disasters.

For all these reasons we ask the Local Government
(Autonomous region of Sardinia and Commune of Carloforte)
and Italian Government:

1. to take positive actions for the quick removal of the wreck and the carbon load laying on the sea bed, in order to avoid further damage. If such actions were not promptly performed, the authorities involved will be clearly responsible for their inactivity;
2. to take positive actions for the revival of the sea environment in the involved area, and compensate for the damage;
3. to PROMPTLY take the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures required to protect, constantly monitor and safeguard the area of San Pietro Channel and San Pietro Island, with better use of the police and antipollution research bodies;
4. to establish a Local temporary Committee, made up with experts - something similar to a "task force" - able to tackle the technical, environmental, and legal problems related to the marine biology in connection with the Eurobulker IV event, in order to recognize the marine and environmental heritage of the Sulcis archipelago as worth of special protection, waiting for FUTURE specific regulations for environment preservation. The Committee ought to periodically refer to the appointing Institution an to the public opinion.
5. to quickly establish, with the scientific contribution of the above Committee, the "Protected Marine Area of San Pietro Channel and San Pietro Island". By this petition, we all ask the following elements to be mandatory for the Area:
a) no through traffic of cargo boats in San Pietro Channel;
b) no professional fishing within San Pietro Channel;
c) Special regulations for eco-compatible development and monitoring of industries and their drains in the Portovesme Industrial Pole.

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Dal 06.09.2001






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